My muse is the machine.  The main vision throughout my work has been to honor their forms rather than their function.  I catalog machine diagrams and instruction manuals to create a new aesthetic.  My work is a struggle between industrial and organic nature resulting in impermanent environments.  I use digital collage to design each work, breaking apart and re-assembling machines from their complexity down to the simplest elements.  I believe in paying tribute to our industrialized history by using the shapes that made it run. My paintings focus on automation, bold colour, and connecting lines.  
I love working with the plasticity and permanence of acrylic paint,  it lets me bring my ideas into a world where I control the environment, flow, and colour. I paint quite quickly and enjoy the dance which happens between my brush and the bounce of the canvas I love to paint well into the morning because I often feel like I have had a small spiritual awakening when I finish a painting, satisfaction.
I studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, as well as the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. I have shown my work at many exhibits including the Toronto Artist Project,
The Queen West Art Crawl and Nuit Blanche. My work helps raise money for charitable organizations across Canada to promote social change this is done through Exhibits, Auctions, and Donations for at a wide range of causes.
I have worked as a Gallery Coordinator, an Event Curator, and a Digital Archivist for the OCAD library. I have also been the Production Assistant of a Celebrity Photographer, and a Volunteer Artist at SKETCH. 
I continue to pursue career paths which allow me to flourish in all creative aspects of my life; detailed Curriculum Vitae along with a list of references are available upon request.

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Visual Artist Toronto

Chris Crewe